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The Dock is Accenture’s Global Innovation Hub, attracting clients from around the globe, and helping them rotate to the new.

The Role

I occupy a unique role within The Dock, acting as a Senior Fjord Designer on the Accenture Innovation Team. The Dock strongly encourages multi-disciplinary teams, people from hugely different backgrounds and skillsets working together, believing great work and teams are built on people working and learning from each other, while helping our clients achieve their goals and objectives. In the Innovation Team I am responsible for both the design and delivery of bespoke client design experiences. This is a far reaching role in the skills it calls upon, as I deliver and help clients clients understand Fjord’s user centric method of design - designing and facilitating sessions that deliver a tangible and interactive Fjord experience - while also showing this in action, helping clients to design products and services that achieve true innovation for both their customers and business. How do I do this? One day I could be helping clients to prototype a new product, which may involve introducing them to wire-framing - the next day I may be delivering a presentation on Fjord Trends, looking at what’s ahead for the future of business, technology and design - - it really depends on the clients and the problem they are attempting to solve. It could involve journey mapping, stakeholder interviews, developing personas - all the way through to basic prototypes - we are firm believers in constant reflection and iterations. Design Thinking is at the heart of everything we do in The Dock, with Fjord’s own unique take on this process grounding it in solving for human needs first.

I have also designed and delivered several new exercises for Fjord which have been accepted into Fjords roster of approved design methods, LO-FI (Listen, Observe, Feel, Ideate!) being the most notable of these.

I also regularly deliver tours of The Dock for our clients, in particular speaking at length about the Fjord Trends.

I am constantly facilitating sessions for our clients, and have been lead facilitator for a number of our Diamond client sessions.

A selection of the diverse list of clients I have worked with includes News UK, Shell, Fannie Mae, Vodafone, Electrolux, ESB, and Bank of Ireland.

 As we are an innovation centre and working on cutting edge solutions and ideas, I am unable to show the work we do on a day to basis here due to client confidentiality - but I am very happy to speak in detail to the processes and methods I use in helping our clients develop products and services that make a real difference.