Omelet LA.png

I took the opportunity after my time in Hyper Island to push my learning experience even further, resulting in me trying out life as a Creative Strategist in LA. 

I believe that to be the best at what you do, you have to expose yourself to as many different disciplines as possible, and having a strong understanding of Strategy for me is key if you want to produce the best creative work possible - work rich with insight and meaning.

The experience was great. Omelet is quite a small agency of about 50 people - so the opportunity to see how closely strategy and creative can work - working in collaboration together - and producing work which had been thoroughly thought through from start to finish - was great to be part of. 

During my time with Omelet I also wrote and designed an Intelligence report based around the Millennials, a key target demographic. Some images from the report can be seen above, but to check out the report in full click here.