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The Hyper Island Showcase is the final module in the Masters program - its also the only opportunity you get to choose who you work with - individuals you've formed close working relationships with throughout the program - and maybe have a shared sense of what great collaboration is and how to achieve great work.

From a group of 8 individuals ( yeap it was a big group! ) Think. Watch. Feel. Do came to be.

But what is Think. Watch. Feel. Do? 

Out group discussed at length our learning experience in Hyper Island and how we wanted to harness those skills and look to build on them now and into the future, wherever it takes us all as individuals.

We realised that seeking out sources for inspiration and knowledge has never been easier than in today’s digital world. Resources such as TED provide rich forums from which to learn of many new exciting thoughts and ideas. The individuals behind these talks are generally extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields. However what we very rarely learn about are the practicalities behind how these individuals come to their conclusions. 

Our Insight

There is a story behind their story. What are the learning journeys of these individuals? How do they generate their ideas? How do they get their inspiration? How do motivate themselves to learn further? How do they balance their work and personal life? 

Our Idea

Think. Watch. Feel. Do - a resource dedicated to fueling self-led learning. Our on-going mission is to track down the thinkers and doers that inspire us, discovering how they deal with the learning obstacles we all face, and use their stories to make our learning journey a more fulfilling one.

To date we've interviewed a good number of inspiring individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds. We're not stopping either - we're scattered all across the globe now but we still keep in touch ( Google Hangouts rock ) - discussing how we can build on what we've accomplished to date and keep Think. Watch. Feel. Do a place worth visiting - whether as a website or a mobile entity, its all open to change, which is how Hyper Island students like it!